Monday, 12 May 2008

Serious decisions

A calm day
Today I passed an appeal's board (or sort of) in Laban. It's only here in England that I discoverd how people are structurephiles. They luuuuuv structure. They dont know how to do differently. Is it because of lack of intelligence to think otherwise or a conscious decision? I am saying all that, coz my work is about defining a specific structure on how to make a solo. I personally hate structure. Although trained as a legal scholar, I do know what structuralism can mean. But I prefer interpreting the rules and laws according to each individual case than applying them blindedly. That is to say that yes, I am indeed trying to discover the rules for working out but I am not going to hold on to them. Why do I mention all these? Just because I want to say that it's good to bring some rules but be able to break them when you need, if something better pops up. Treat everything case by case. Be on the moment.

Anyway here is my

Two Tips for working on a solo directly from writing
1. Keep a small of a notebook aside. Do not use it as others do; meaning all the time with you. You don't fucking need to make this the most important part of your work. You don't need to write everything down. You lose the focus and you think that it is about writing. NO IT'S NOT. It's about making the work go on. So I suggest to you: do your work and whenever something irrelevant to the specific work you are doing at the moement pops up and you want to review it later, write it down. ONLY irrelevant. You are not allowed to write anything relevant to what you are doing now. You are not write anything down on the work you are currently doing.
2. Today I was working on the script. I wanted it to make sense to me and make it follow a logic pathway. I managed to do chapters 1-4. Amazing. Now I need to make a small of a summary of the work and learn the work by heart. Anyway, what I want to say here is that to be able to make this work of 4 chapters I need 6 hours. How did I manage to stay concentrated? Well two things. The one is that I was constantly trying to write down things with my pen with nice letters. It kept the work neat and tidy and was welcoming to go for next. I know I know. It sounds old school. I am supposed to be contemporary. But think a bit of what Mary Douglas say in her nominal book Purity and Danger. Wasn't it that in order to begin something new we need to clean, we need to set up ? Well here I am. I am keeping everything tidy. Now what I suggest here is to take this constant effort for neatness and tidedness and transfer it from my handwriting to whatever creative process i am in. I need to keep the working process clean. That will just keep me motivated to go on.
Mariella asked me today if I think that this work is about documentation. I clearly say no. I am not interested in the documentation. I only invented this method to help in my practice. I am more interested in the practice. I think the moment that I will admit to myself that documentation is enough then I will have surrendered. I mean I don't know. Now that it's still the beginning it's better if I say that. That's how I impose my politics to myself. Documentation is not allowed. Full censorship to any means of documentation for the sake of documentation.

Documentation thought 2
Well the book I am now reading it's talking about documentation through the means of photography. I am now wondering if there I should research to find a link between my solo practice and Susan Sontag's book. Is there a reason ? Why do I have two separate issues? Do I have two separate issues? Because there is a slightly small chance I am working on the book as a source of inspiration through which I write my script, for the choreographer(=me) to take it, to give it to the dancer (=me) who dances in the music of (=me) in the space that (=me) has created. Any ideas there??? Is there a reason why I am doing a solo work with this book ???? maybe the question is too much leading somewhere. Please reformulate the question the way you want it also... I am in need of an answer not of a question. so do whatever you like with it.
This work-in- progress in its entirety draws from the theories by Susan Sontag on the reality and performativity of documentation. Although Susan Sontag explicitly speaks about photography I try to enlarge the notion what that document might. Therefore two parallel universes were created that coexist and complement each other. The one is the choreography of a fictitious past moment breaking the boundaries between now, before and later and the other is the space of a live documentation of time.

Lecture is Performance
Evangelos suggested to me that a lecture is already a performance. I think he is right. But the performance-lecture mode is something that already has its conventions and media. What do I want to do ? Do I want to use the conventions of the mode or do I want to go in the basic essence of a lecture which is performance. I guess Martin would give me some ideas on performance and performativity. I'd really like to listen to these. Anyone that could help me in realizing where I should be focusing at???

Glen Gould said When we interpret is the moment when Performance becomes composition
Susan Sontag said that interpretation is the revenge of the intellectual against art
Pavlos said interpret yourself first before anyone else can.

How do I keep it interesting?
Well I am wondering today all day. How am I going to still keep this email discussion interesting so that I get ideas and inspirations, kicks in my ass and humiliations from you. Because I don't want it to die in a day.... It needs a certain degree of sustainability and for that I am responsible for drafting out a plan.
For the time being I have created this blog where you can visit, instead of reading this email. You can also reply there online (MUCH BETTER) and start knowing each other. I have already mentioned many names and I hope I will be able to mention even more in the following days. I am putting videos, photos, colours. That will help it to be a bit more attractive I hope. But the most important is the content. Can it still be as fresh for you as the first day? I don't want to put myself in thinking about how i present my work through this email. Where am I getting it ?
Just as an idea maybe the same tactics I am using to keep you still reading these emails and getting a reply from you, I should try to transfer them in my own solo- solipsistic practice. I dont know how... but i'll think of something. Any suggestions??

Aaron has discovered another artist that has been working recreating famous photos with lego. It s a great inspiration to see that other artists are doing the same thing and have found their great way. I
His name is Balakov and you can see some of his photos at: . think it will certainly inform my work. Have you checked my pictures??? Go to my blog . OH sure.

I am constantly thinking today
How am I sure that what i did during my rehearsal was a succes? How am I sure that this is the best way to arrive to where i would like my work to go....

Last but not the least,
My eyes are closing and I feel VERY VERY sleepy. I am not sure if i will manage to finish this email.

Abrupt end (eyes closing)
Goodnight ladies and genteramn

P.S. Thanx to Dimitris, an ex bf, who called me during my rehearsal. And also to Deborah. And thanks to Lisa and Aaron for suuppot

P.S. Tomorrow I will allow some time for writing this blog before I feel deadly asleep

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