Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Countdown: 1 day before presentation of the work in progress

Opening up: from self-infulgence to other people
Today, I worked out on my intentions and especially on explaining, and being neutral.
In order for me to have the feeling that I am talking TO someone, that this performance is open TO someone, I put some pictures on the chairs (from the Tuol Sleng prison). I have to admit that the gaze of the everdying girl on the right, probably at the age of my sister now, was really strong. I felt her presence haunting me. There was a moment when I was just asked to stop speaking and look at her. I am not sure if she liked what I said. She was just staring at me. I got the point later, when she whispered to me through her gaze good luck. Weird, huh?

Some of the tags waiting to become an archive of time on the laser's path.

It was the first time that I managed to do the whole performance with a laser pointer and I had never seen what the path of the point really looks like. I had thought that it would be a straight line. No... I could have never thought. This is sooo interesting. History is not a straight line.

Well, the space has been blacked out (which I didnt really like, coz it sort of destroyed it) and the lights were put. I would at least have prefered if there was a curtain to hide up the blackness of the window. Unfortunately not. But it's ok... It's STILL A WORK IN PROGRESS REMEMBER???

So yesterday, I did 2 run throughs from the beginning until the end. Some minor mistakes in my words, probably many mistakes in my performance qualities but mainly a lot of lack in coordination with technical demands. So, when I finished rehearsing, I went to a chinese restaurant nearby to have some dinner and I took elaborate notes on the exact steps of technical requirements I have to do in every section of the piece. I hope I won't forget them...

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